Saturday, 28 July 2012


Taekwondo is all about fighting until you win
and try to kick the other guy. You have to fight and you not allow to punch but you only can to overcome.

It was invented in three kingdom era 50 BC in Korea.

You need a belt and a trunk protector with a dobok. Taekwondo  contest fight on a court measuring
8m by 8m.

You need good kicking skills and have high kicking.

It interesting because you are not allowed to punch
put only defend.


Paula said...

Hi Taka ,

You are right teakwondo is fight your aponent high kicks is to win . skills can concust and inger.

Texas D said...

Hi Taka,
What great teakwondo moves I liked it.The part I like was when the foot was kicking the face.Great work Taka keep up the Great work.

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