Friday, 30 March 2012

Oktapodi Short Film Review

I am going to write a review about two Octopus that were in love. The movie was set in a Greek Island. The main characters were in love and where stuck together. 

There was a man that was trying to take one of them to the restaurant but the other Octopus got the other octopus back so they can be together again.

The female octopus got taken away so then the male octopus went out
and got the female octopus back then the dangerous battle begin.

The octopus were in love and they couldn't be separated they always wanted to be stuck together.

The female octopus and the male octopus escaped but the chef caught
the two oktapodi then the two oktapodi got slammed on the the top of the van.

I loved Oktapodi it was a brilliant movie because it is set in a beautiful village called Greek Islands.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Kayaking at Camp

I felt very very happy when we went to the Point England Reserve. We went to do some kayaking with Mr Burt. We had to carry all of the kayaks all the way down to the beach. I had the first turn with my friend Chris. We always crashed into our other team mates. We had to swap our kayaks so the other people could have a turn.  Me and my friend had the longest turn. We had another turn but I didn't go on the same kayak because it was only for one person. At last when we all gathered up together so that Mr Burt he can tell us the next instructions. It was fun because Mr Burt said that we could have a swim. I jumped of the rock and did a bomb! I did the biggest bomb in my group, it was so fun.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience

I was surprised when my teacher said that we where going to the hall. There was tackling bag
and skipping rope. I was scared when we went up the stairs because I might fall down
the stairs. As soon as I was blindfolded I told my friend that I trust in you because I might fall.
When I jumped of the stage I thought that I was going to fall off the stage.
I was excited because I didn't fall because I was walking carefully. I was good at listening to what my friend will say to me so that I don't fall.I felt happy when I finished the race because I never got Injured.