Saturday, 28 July 2012


Taekwondo is all about fighting until you win
and try to kick the other guy. You have to fight and you not allow to punch but you only can to overcome.

It was invented in three kingdom era 50 BC in Korea.

You need a belt and a trunk protector with a dobok. Taekwondo  contest fight on a court measuring
8m by 8m.

You need good kicking skills and have high kicking.

It interesting because you are not allowed to punch
put only defend.

Olympic Flag

Baron de coubertin designed the olympic flag 1913 - 1914
with the interlocking olympic rings.

Blue, red, green,  yellow, and  black is on a white background.
They are the colors that represent the Olympic continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, America, and Europe.

State of Origin

In the holiday I went back home and waited until the state of origin. When my Queensland won by one point  Todd Carney got his kick in and made
his team NSW get a draw. With us and our best guy Cooper cronk got the drop kick in .Jarryd hayne got injured from Darius Boyd. Josh Morris jumped on Greg Inglis is back and if he hadn't jumped on him Greg Inglis would get the try and they will be winning by lots
of points.