Friday, 29 June 2012

Term 2 Reflection

I have gotten better at finding answers faster and easier.I am good at looking for answers.      
I have not done so well at sounding out the words. But I know how to sound out easy words. I need to improve in reading faster and pronouncing the words better, so that i can keep reading the book quickly.

I have learnt how to put capitals at the right place, with full stops at the right place. I am good at writing good paragraphs and putting full stops at the right place so that my stories makes sense. I did not do so well at writing proper words. with capitals .I need to improve my spelling and also writing good paragraph with full stops.   

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Miss Ouano said...

Hi Taka,

What an awesome blog post! I like that you have really reflected on your reading. This will definitely help you improve!

Well done,

Miss Ouano: )

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