Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi my name is Siutaka. In the holidays on Friday night I watched the Highlanders Vs the Blues before I watched the Kiwis take on the Kangaroos. The Kiwis lost but they still had good plays.

Shawn Johnson got a 100 meter try and he was cocky when he got it. After that Billy Slater set up a try for Greg Inglis.

Kangaroos old captain wasn’t playing because he is too old to play Rugby League any more.

All the players who played for the Kangaroos are good at playing and plus they already meet each other in a game like some of them a from the Broncos.

I wish that next time the Kiwis take on the Kangaroos Kiwis gets to win.

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Bishop said...

taka good story hope the kiwis do win next time.
apart from that it was a good story.

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